School music program-#sol17


I’m so glad that it’s Tuesday! I’ve missed slicing over the past few days, so I’m happy to be back in my writing routine!

My school’s spring music program was last night and it was amazing!  We have two music programs a year: one in December and one in April.  Students in 3-5 usually perform during the winter program while K-2 students perform in the spring.  Our programs are full-fledged shows with props and speaking parts in addition to the songs and a lot of effort goes into preparing the programs.  The music teacher and the principal brainstorm ideas during the summer and decide on the theme for both programs.  They select the music and the principal, who is one of the most creative people I know, often develops and writes parts to accompany the theme and musical selections.  One of the custodians, who is a talented artist, assists in creating backdrops and props for the show.  On the day of the show, students perform for the whole school and invited guests, including residents from a local nursing home.  Then, in the evening, families and guests pack the cafeteria/auditorium/gymnasium to watch the show.  Folks start lining up at the door by 5:30 and if you don’t get a parking place by then, you’re going to be on the side of the road in the grass:)



The program last night was one of the best.  Based on a Hee Haw theme (if you’ve never heard of Hee Haw, you can check it out on YouTube), the whole show had the audience in stitches.  The students sang a variety of songs, including the “Crawdad Song,” “Man of Constant Sorrow,” and “Rocky Top”.  The principal, secretary, teachers, and instructional assistants all had parts.  The principal played the part of “Minnie Pearl” and a group of teachers were the “Gossip Girls.” Teachers popped up out of a cornfield and sat on hay bales while telling funny stories and jokes in between the songs.  The whole show was amazing and the families seemed to love every minute!

6 thoughts on “School music program-#sol17

  1. rdicarne

    You brought back some wonderful memories for me. Up until five years ago I was a music teacher (23 years). While I know that I really am where I belong – teaching reading and writing – there are some things I miss about teaching music. Putting on shows is one of them. I would write all the speaking parts to go with the song selections. Even though they were an enormous amount of work, it was always the best night of the year! Thanks for sharing.

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