Title Poetry-#sol17


I want to take some time this weekend to process my participation in SOL17, so I’m not ready to post a slice with reflections, yet.   Being a part of this community of writers means a lot to me and I value the time I’ve spent with you all this month.  I decided to look at the titles of my posts and try to create a poem using some of those titles (I couldn’t get all of them to work, but I’ll keep trying!)  Here goes:)


I’m Currently Trying out ideas

To Escape My Comfort Zones.

My RSVP to the Party includes

10 Things About Me As A Writer.


I’ve loved all of the Book Spine Poetry

Thank you for the inspiration!

My Day has been enriched by all of you

I’ve Never felt so empowered as a writer!






9 thoughts on “Title Poetry-#sol17

  1. elsie

    Isn’t it funny how some titles just fit together perfectly, even though there was no way to preplan that. Another year completed, well done!



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