Ten Things Thursday-#sol17


I wrote a “Ten Things Thursday” post because I’ve struggled with writer’s block.  Then, once I selected that format, I couldn’t decide on a topic within that format.  I took a break and just sat here at my table.  As I listened to some relaxing music, I surveyed my classroom and inspiration struck as I thought about all of the things that I couldn’t live without in my classroom.

Ten Things That I Couldn’t Live Without In My Classroom…

  1. Books-I can’t imagine being a reading specialist without shelves and baskets full of books, but unfortunately, I know that such classrooms exist.  I don’t know how one can be a reading specialist and not be drowning in books!
  2. My iPad cart-We use our iPads on pretty much a daily basis.  We use them for writing, to read e-books, and for games to review and practice a variety of skills.
  3. The awesome cabinets that were installed in my classroom a year ago.  They allow me to store a lot of my stuff in an organized fashion:)
  4. Windows-I am lucky to have a view of the courtyard where there’s a pond and a variety of trees, bushes, and other plants.  One of my friends teaches in a classroom without windows, which I cannot imagine doing.  I also love being able to open a window and feel a cool breeze.
  5. My mini-fridge.  This fridge has been with me since my freshman year of college and there’s a whole story about how I ended up with that fridge.  That topic might be a good slice for tomorrow!
  6. My snack drawer that’s filled with chocolate-I’ve written about it before:)
  7. My Clorox wipes (or Lysol wipes-depending upon which I grab at the store)-I am constantly cleaning tables, computer keyboards, and doorknobs with wipes.
  8. Expo markers for my whiteboard-I love having a variety of colors, particularly when I’m modeling writing and working with words.
  9. Mechanical pencils-my kids love mechanical pencils! If I forget to buy lead, several of them will volunteer to bring in extra lead for the pencils.
  10. Pens-I love pens and I’m noticing that my kids are starting to copy me.  Somehow, a few of my beloved InkJoy pens ended up in the basket of pens, pencils, and markers on the table in my classroom.  Now, those are the pens that the older kids gravitate towards and I haven’t had the heart to retrieve the pens from the basket.


2 thoughts on “Ten Things Thursday-#sol17

  1. Carol1006

    What a fun idea for a post! If I keep blogging I may have to try a Ten Things Thursday! I agree, windows are a wonderful thing! I moved from an interior library to a new one with windows on three sides. My energy level skyrocketed!

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