Currently-the extended version-#sol17


I’ve always loved the Currently format for slices and have enjoyed how other slicers have made adaptations to this format.  Today, I was inspired by Wondering and Wandering’s post (you can check it out here).

Watching…the NASCAR pre-race show, America’s Funniest Home Videos, old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on my iPad

Listening to…the race, to my favorite playlist when I’m writing, listening to the creaking of my office chair

Appreciating…Internet that is actually working-one day last week I had to do everything on my phone and that was challenging, sleeping in, sweet tea, chocolate

Loving…a quiet Sunday afternoon, race day, a glass of sweet tea, spending some time with family, having some time to read in my favorite recliner

Drinking…sweet tea, sweet tea, and more sweet tea

Wishing…that the books I’ve placed on hold with the library would become available

Planning… I’m working on lesson plans for the week and thinking about the upcoming spring break.  This will be my first spring break in a long time that I haven’t been working on something for grad school, so I’m trying to decide what I’m going to do to celebrate this free time.  I’m also thinking about conference planning.  I am the 2019 conference chair for the Virginia State Reading Association conference, so I’ve already started the planning process.  I’ve been working on a spreadsheet that lists the speakers who I’ve either already contacted or plan to contact.  I’m also working on developing the theme and promotional materials.  I know that it seems like 2019 is a long time away, but I want this to be an amazing conference!

Reading…DIY Literacy, slices, trying to decide what to pull from my TBR pile next

Writing…today’s slice, diagnostic testing reports, reminders for the week, lesson plans

4 thoughts on “Currently-the extended version-#sol17

  1. wonderingandwondering

    Yeah! We all have so much going on, don’t we? I ordered about 20 books through interlibrary loan today, and I can’t wait for them to come in, either! Best of luck planning the conference. I bet it will be fabulicious, as we say in my classroom! 🙂


  2. JudyK

    That’s a great Currently post. I get the feeling that you might like sweet tea just a little bit? I watch the NASCAR races too…I like to root for Chase Elliot and Dale Jr. 🙂 ~JudyK

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wahooteacher Post author

      The driver I pulled for retired except for an occasional race at Daytona or Talladega, so when I started searching for a new driver to follow, I picked Chase:) I’m looking forward to his first win coming soon! And, it’s nice to see Dale Jr. back on the track.



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