My Messiest Drawer-#sol17


I needed some inspiration today, so I pulled out Kate Messner’s 59 Reasons to Write.  If you’re not familiar with this book, then I recommend adding this to your personal library.  I used Jo’s Morning Warm-Up activity on page 25 to jumpstart my writing today.  This prompt directed me to find the messiest drawer in my house and to select an object from that drawer.  I modified the prompt a bit.  For example, instead of choosing a messy drawer at home, I selected a messy drawer in my desk at school.  I don’t really tell the story behind the object, either.  Instead, I focused more on just describing the contents. Maybe a story about the object that I chose will develop later.

My messy drawer is the top drawer on the right side of my desk at school.  It’s not a deep drawer, but I’ve been able to cram a lot into the shallow space.  Initially, the drawer was meant for materials such as staples, push pins, note pads, and other office supplies.  However, over the course of the year, other things piled up on top of the office supplies to the point that it’s difficult to open the drawer.  Usually, a few hard tugs are required before the drawer gives way.

Candy is the first thing that you’ll see when you finally get the drawer open.  In fact, candy has taken over the drawer so that in order to find the office supplies, you have to take out the candy first.  Truffles, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Dove chocolates, and miniature candy bars (Milky Way and Snickers) are all stuffed in the drawer and provide overwhelming evidence of the existence of my sweet tooth.  All of my colleagues know about this drawer and they all know that they have an open invitation to help themselves to my chocolate stash because some days, we need the little pick-me-up that a good piece of chocolate can provide.  Sometimes, it’s nice to stop and savor a piece of chocolate in the middle of a busy day.  On a few occasions, the contents of the candy drawer have served as lunch when we haven’t had a chance to sit down and eat.  When my colleagues stop by for chocolate, we have the opportunity to connect, no matter how briefly, and chat while enjoying a sweet treat.  The contents might change (but rarely do), but it’s always there.


4 thoughts on “My Messiest Drawer-#sol17

  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    Well, I can see we both had candy on the mind today! I like the idea of using the messy drawer for inspiration and how having a stash of candy can be a pick me up as well as a connection with colleagues, no matter how brief. I hope your messy drawer remains a mess of sweet treats!

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