Skyping with an author-#sol17


Today was an incredible day! My students had the opportunity to Skype with Josh Funk.  They adore all of his books and were so excited!

These students created posters to share during the Skype visit.  One student’s poster read “Josh Funk for Book President.”  The other two students created posters with characters from his books.  I think that they were auditioning to be illustrators for future books:)

Each student received a copy of either Pirasaurs or Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast.  I used my bonus points from Scholastic to purchase these copies.

Since it would have been challenging for 20+ students to fit comfortably in my room, I borrowed the guidance counselor’s classroom.  I work with students in kindergarten through fifth grade, and they all were able to participate in this activity.  I am thankful for the flexibility of the classroom teachers who allowed me to borrow the children outside of their regular intervention time.

These students were mesmerized by the whole experience! I think that they could have listened to Josh Funk all day! He even read The Case of the Stinky Stench to us, which won’t be published until May! However, we’re not going to give away the ending-but it’s a good one! I look forward to adding this book to our classroom library.

The kids prepared questions and I loved seeing some of my shy students volunteering to ask their questions.  One of my fifth graders, who is currently writing a book of his own, couldn’t wait to talk to a real, live author.  I loved hearing about their excitement from the classroom teachers.

So, if you have the opportunity to Skype with an author, please do it! If you’re looking for an author to connect with, Josh Funk is amazing.  He shared about the revision process and described how he developed the ideas for his books (I’m so grateful to his children for prompting Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast-that’s my favorite!).  This was a day that we will all remember forever!


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