My Day-#sol17

Today’s post was inspired from a slicer’s post two years ago.  Susanne at Make.Share.Give introduced me to the following format and I thought it was a great choice for today.  Basically, you start with what you’re currently doing and working backwards with the events of the day.

I sat down in the recliner and turned on the local news.  I love these times when we catch up on the events of the day and just get to enjoy spending time together.

Before that, I ate dinner with my Mom and grandmother.  My grandmother fixed my favorite dish-her macaroni and cheese.  There’s nothing better than her macaroni and cheese!

Before that, I left school.  I noticed that the gas hand was creeping closer to “Empty.”  I bypassed three gas stations, but didn’t feel compelled to stop.

Before that, I packed my tote bags and grabbed my purse to leave school.

Before that, I worked with a fifth grader and three third graders during the after school program at my school.  I had to laugh when a student reading Flat Stanley was horrified when she read the section where Stanley traveled to California in an envelope.  She commented, “they’re bad parents!”

Before that, I did afternoon car duty.  I love being able to connect with all of the kids during this time as they either head to the bus or as I get them lined up to get into their cars.

Before that, I taught my regular groups throughout the day.  We are Skyping with Josh Funk on Friday, so we’ve spent some time revisiting his books and thinking of questions.  The kids are so excited about this opportunity!

Before that, I arrived at school and prepared myself for the day.  I love having a good half hour before the kids arrive to make sure that I’m ready.

Before that, I stopped at Burger King for my usual bacon and egg croissant and sweet tea.

Before that, I loaded my tote bags and purse into my car.  Thankfully, my speedy neighbor was nowhere to be seen, so I didn’t stress out as I backed out of my driveway.

Before that, I got ready for school.  

Before that, I finally got out of bed (after slapping the snooze button a couple of times).

Before that, I listened to the obnoxious beeping of my alarm.  It couldn’t be time to get up already!


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