Dear M.-#sol17


Today, I decided to write a letter to one of my students.  This is the first year that I’ve worked with this student, which is not as usual as one might expect.  I’ve worked with most of my students for multiple years.  This student has enriched my year with her love of books and reading, even when she struggles.  She’s the kind of student that you dream of having in your classroom.

Dear M,

Although you only joined our classroom at the beginning of this school year, it seems as though you have always been a part of the group.  You always have a kind word to say in every situation and I love to see you encourage your friends when something is hard for them.  Everyone is your friend and you exclude no one.  That is a quality that will take you far.

I also appreciate your perseverance.  I know that reading, writing, and spelling are not easy for you, but you always give more than one hundred percent.  You’re tenacious when using of the strategies that have been taught and your never give up attitude inspires me every day.  You remind me of why I decided to become a reading specialist so many years ago.

I love talking about books with you, too! Your enthusiasm for books is contagious! Your eyes light up when you see a new book on the shelf, but you also have so many beloved books that you enjoy revisiting from time to time.  When I go into a bookstore now, I often look at books and think, “M would love that book!” or “I wonder if M has read that book.”

M, I am so glad that you’re in my class.  I can’t imagine our classroom without you.


Ms. Floyd


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