Hey, Speed Racer!-#sol17

The recent time change has affected my regular morning routine so that I’m leaving my house a little later than usual because I’m allowing myself a few extra minutes of sleep to compensate.  While 10 minutes doesn’t sound like a huge difference, I have found myself behind buses that slow down my progress.  I’ve gotten stuck behind trash trucks and other slow moving vehicles on the road to school. I also find myself leaving home at the same time one of my neighbors is also leaving for work.  Now, I’ve known this lady for a number of years, but I never paid a lot of attention to her driving.  Part of this is probably due to the fact that I never saw her in the mornings.  However, recently our paths have crossed and I’ve determined that I need to quickly return to my pre-time change routines.  This lady comes flying down the hill in the morning and barely pauses at the stop sign before gunning her car out onto the main road.  After seeing her one morning, I now ease out of my driveway, worried that she’s going to appear unexpectedly and take off the end of my car.  After several mornings, I have decided that the few extra minutes of sleep can be forfeited in order to get out of the door at my regular time and avoid “Speed Racer!”


4 thoughts on “Hey, Speed Racer!-#sol17

  1. Carol1006

    I agree…those few minutes in the morning make all the difference! My drive to work is only about 5 minutes but if I get behind a bus it seems to take forever.
    Stay safe out there and keep an eye out for Speed Racer!

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