Hard candy-#sol17


Tonight’s slice is going to be brief since I’m just no getting back to my room after an amazing day at the VSRA conference:) I’ll have to write about the conference soon, but that will come soon!

This morning, I stopped to get water and saw a basket with candy.


Usually, baskets of candy are good things.  However, seeing this basket of candy reminded me of the last time I took a piece of candy from a similar basket at the conference here three years ago.  I’d just had a temporary crown placed on a tooth, but didn’t think about that when I saw a basket of candy.  I reached in, grabbed a piece of candy, and popped it in my mouth.  I have a bad habit of crunching down on candy and cough drops.  However, on this particular occasion, when I crunched down on the candy, something happened to the temporary crown.  A piece of the crown broke off and I felt the roughness every time I tried to talk.  I remember trying not to panic, especially because I was scheduled to present a session at the conference the next morning.  As I drove home, I attempted to contact my dentist.  It was already after 5:00, so I called the emergency number.  I expected that the dentist would be willing to help in this situation.  However, he just told me that I could pry off the rest of the temporary crown myself and it would be fine.  I remember being pretty steamed about his unwillingness to help.

I tried to deal with the broken crown, but as the evening progressed, I knew that I had a problem on my hands.  The next morning, I set out for the conference, but as I sat in the parking lot, I knew that I had to do something about the crown.  Peering into the mirror on the sun visor in my car, I managed to pull off the offending pieces.  After I removed the crown, I gathered up my bags and proceeded to give my presentation.  My dentist finally stepped up to the plate and took care of my tooth, but that experience caused me to evaluate whether or not this person was the right dentist for me.  On a side note, one of the people who attended that session later called me about joining the SVRC board, which has enriched my professional and personal life in so many ways.  So, something super resulted from a day that started off on a rough note.


*Wow! This post ended up being a lot longer than I expected:) I could have written about sitting at the table next to Marc Brown at the annual banquet and being in the buffet line behind him!


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