My RSVP to the party-#sol17


This evening, when I sat down to write my slice, I struggled to write.  I had several ideas ready, but none of them really clicked with me today, so  I decided to give myself a break to read and comment on other blogs.  One of the first that I clicked on was Lauren Petri’s blog and I discovered my inspiration for the day.  Lauren’s post was based on a slice by Leigh Ann Eck.   Leigh Ann’s post described five things that she would take to a “favorites party” and she invited the SOL community to join in.  Today’s post is my RSVP to the party and I appreciate the invitation!  Thank you Leigh Ann and Lauren!

  1. First, I’ll bring my favorite playlist of music.  This playlist inspires me and encourages me and when I struggle to write, I often listen to this music, which is a mix of classical and contemporary Christian.
  2. Sweet tea is high on my list because I can’t go anywhere without it.  I particularly like Chick-fil-A’s ice and tea, but since the nearest Chick-fil-A is a good forty minute drive from home, I guess McDonald’s tea will have to do:) Thank goodness they sell it by the gallon!
  3. My Mom’s cookies are a must for any party.  She is an incredible baker (unfortunately I didn’t get that gene) and since all of her cookies are amazing, I’ll have to bring a sampler.  Chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter…you name it, we’ll have it!
  4. I love Grey’s Anatomy, so I’d bring the episodes that I’ve downloaded on my iPad.  I particularly love to watch the first couple of seasons.  We could do some serious binge watching!
  5. Finally, I’d bring some friends who aren’t slicers so that I could introduce them to this amazing community of writers!

6 thoughts on “My RSVP to the party-#sol17

  1. kathyschuitema

    I’d go to that party! This is a great idea, and you made good use of it. I’d like to try that myself–and I’m sure the day will be coming soon when any ideas I have all fall flat. This will be something to think over in the meantime so I’m ready!

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