Reader’s Theater Club-#sol17


Today, the students in my after-school reader’s theater club performed for a class of second graders.  They were a little nervous, but they were excited about performing for their former second grade teacher and the younger students.  One group presented Bubba The Cowboy Prince, one of my favorite fractured fairy tales.  I loved how the embraced the characters.  The boys who were the wicked step brothers made sure that they sounded mean when addressing Bubba.  The boy who read Bubba’s part captured Bubba perfectly.  For example, the lines where he said, “I’m downright pretty” and “Much obliged, ma’am” were delivered flawlessly.  I couldn’t stop beaming! The second graders and their teacher also seemed to really enjoy the performance.  I loved hearing their chuckles throughout the story and the members of the reader’s theater club seemed to become more confident as they realized that their audience was really getting into the story.

Unfortunately, the second group didn’t perform today because we were missing a couple of students due to illness.  We have a workday on Monday, so hopefully, by Tuesday, everyone will be back at school and healthy so that we can perform The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs.

7 thoughts on “Reader’s Theater Club-#sol17

    1. wahooteacher Post author

      I had kids from 2nd-5th grade participate in the club and the older kids loved it. It was also a great experience because the club included several kids who aren’t a part of my regular groups.


  1. Leigh Anne

    I loved doing Readers’ Theater when I taught 4th graders. It gives so many students a chance to shine in a way they may never get to. Love both of those stories!

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