A Journey Through My Purse-#sol17


I recently switched to a new purse, but it seems that as soon as I break out a new purse, I fill it up.  As I explored my purse, I realized that yet again, I’ve loaded the bag down.  I started digging through the purse to see if there was anything that I could discard.  The first thing that my fingers touched was a book (which is not as common as it used to be since I have a Kindle).  I just purchased an edited book of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s letters, and stuck it in my purse for those times that Donalyn Miller calls”reading in the wild.” I especially love this purse because it has enough room for at least one book and maybe even two if I’m not carrying my Kindle.

As I continued to rummage around, I realized that my wallet had turned upside down, so my credit cards, driver’s license, and other cards had fallen out.  I never keep those cards inside the wallet in the plastic sleeves because I can never get the cards out quickly.  Instead, I stick them in the back compartment of the wallet for easy access.  However, I probably spend just as much time fishing the cards from the bottom of my purse as I would spend if I just put them where they actually belonged.  As I replaced the cards, I paused to look at a small inspirational card that a dear friend gave me about two years ago.  The message on this card has encouraged me at so many different times when I’ve needed a boost, so I made sure that it made it back into my wallet.

Receipts are everywhere even though this is a relatively new purse.  Gas receipts, Wal-Mart receipts, bookstore receipts, the print-out from the dealership after a recent oil change…you name it and it’s there.  I have a horrible habit of just tossing receipts in my purse and as a result, they’re crumpled and sometimes ripped.  I tried to smooth them out, but I’m fighting a losing battle.

Then there’s my bag of Tylenol, cough drops, tissues, Robitussin capsules, and tissues that’s been with me for the past month as I’ve battled a cough that just won’t give up.  I notice that I’m getting low on supplies, so I make a mental note to visit the medicine cabinet before I leave the house.

My glasses and a half-empty box of contacts are hiding under the medicine bag.  I switched to a new brand of contacts and the quality is poor, so I often need a new pair.  Several times I’ve even had to switch out my contacts at school.  I can’t wait to finish this box and hopefully the optometrist will find a better brand for me.

A pile of change has already collected at the bottom of the purse.  A quick count estimates that I have at least five dollars in change.  That’s at least one breakfast at Burger King:) I hope the person at the drive-thru window won’t be irritated with a heaping handful of change, but breakfast will be covered!

I can’t believe that I wrote an entire slice about my purse.  When I started writing this, I was amused with the amount of stuff in my purse, but then the slice started to snowball.  I guess, though, that this is better than actually taking the time to clean out my purse:)



11 thoughts on “A Journey Through My Purse-#sol17

  1. Elisabeth Ellington

    I love this slice! My bag is always so heavy–partly from the five dollars or more in change that accumulates on the bottom. Your bag is much like mine–including all the crumpled receipts, which I end up using as gum receptacles when I want to spit out my gum but there’s not a trash can handy. Super gross! I’m tucking away this idea for a slice later in the month. All of the description and details make me feel like I’m looking into your bag as I’m reading.


  2. Liz Bailey

    I love the specific items listed such as the types of receipts and the contents of your coughing bag. Anyone who has ever switched purses can definitely empathize! I used to rejoice on the days my mom let me “clean out” her purse as a kid, which meant keeping all that loose change in the bottom!

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  3. wordjourneysite

    It’s funny how your purse is a reflection of sorts of your life right now: where you’ve been (the receipts), your health, what you are reading when you find a moment. I laughed about the change at the bottom of the purse – I have a billfold, but it doesn’t have a change purse. It’s driving me crazy – I’m the little old lady rummaging around for the change at the grocery store or Starbucks.

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  4. blkdrama

    I’m with you. Just got a new purse. So far, so good, but that won’t last long. We can’t live without these bags. We carry our lives in them…Here’s to a new bag!!!!!

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  5. elsie

    Your purse is just pockets on steroids and don’t we need all that stuff? I know I do. What about an assortment of pens, chapstick, hand sanitizer, and mini-kleenex packets? That what you will find in my purse along with all the items you mentioned.



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