10 things about me as a writer-#sol17

I’ve thought a lot about myself as a writer and decided to explore 10 things about me as a writer.  Several other slicers have written “10 things about—” posts and I love this opportunity to delve a little deeper into my life as a writer.

10. I often compose on a computer, but I love my writer’s notebooks for brainstorming and free writes.  Sometimes, I have drafted a piece of writing on my iPhone when sitting in line at a drive-thru.

9. I am obsessed with pens.  Recently, I made a trip before school one morning to pick up an extra pack of my new favorite pens.  I would hate to calculate just how much I spend on pens:) I don’t often use pencils, but when I do, there is a specific type that I prefer.

8.I’ve been in a bit of a writer’s slump (for both personal and professional writing) since finishing my dissertation last August.  SOL17 has encouraged me to get back into a regular writing habit.

7.I typically revise as I go, although I do revise again after I’ve completed the entire piece.  As I work on a draft, I’m constantly retooling the words on the page and thinking about what’s not clear and what works.

6. I love Track Changes and the commenting feature in Word and I constantly make little notes to myself.  If there’s a sentence or even a whole section that I’m not sure about, I’ll add a note and revisit that later.  If I have a question, I’ll make a note there, too.  It’s as if I’m having an ongoing conversation with myself as I write.

5. My Mom is my best source of feedback.  She can read something that I’ve written and provide quality feedback.  She is my most trusted reader and I know that she’ll be honest in her critiques.  She has been my biggest supporter!

4. I really want to write for other teachers, but I also have explored writing for children.  Participating in Teachers Write has encouraged me to expand my writing horizons.  I just need to sit down and write and be productive.

3. My confidence in sharing my writing is steadily growing (thanks to #SOL and Teachers Write).  After a particularly rough experience in a high school composition class, it was a long time before I willingly wrote, much less shared my writing with anyone.  As a student writer in elementary and middle school, I was very comfortable sharing my work with others and received a lot of support from my teachers, but that one high school experience scarred me in ways that could be healed only by time and positive interactions with other writers.

2. Writing is a vital part of my Title 1 program.  As Lester Laminack says, “writers and readers and readers are writers.” My kids know that I value writing and that they will write a lot in my classroom.  I love incorporating technology into our writing process and my kids have gotten quite proficient in using word processing tools to draft, revise, edit, and share their work.

1. I am a writer.  Twenty years ago I would not have said that, but now that statement is something that I embrace.  A slice by Greg Armamentos reminded me of this and I highly recommend his post at https://dashthebook.wordpress.com/2017/03/04/gobbledygook/.


5 thoughts on “10 things about me as a writer-#sol17

  1. wordjourneysite

    Great post. I identify with a number of your points about you as a writer. (I know we both love our pens!) I am so glad your students are exposed to lots of writing in a supportive environment. Exposing ourselves as writers takes courage!

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  2. Elisabeth Ellington

    I’m bookmarking this as a mentor text for later in the month. Thanks for the inspiration! I also appreciate writing challenges like #sol17 to get me back into the groove. I don’t think I wrote or read for about three months after finishing my dissertation. I needed a serious detox!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Leigh Anne

    I can so relate with many of your ten things! I am curious about the Track Changes in Word. I have a Mac so it has been a long time since I have written in Word, but that sound interesting.



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