Music Title Poetry #sol17


I’ve dabbled with music title poetry before and today, as I scrolled through my playlist, I started jotting down song titles and playing with them.


Everything Comes Alive

So Breathe


Press On


You can Glow in the Dark

Because you are Priceless

But you have to Move-

And don’t just go through the Motions


We Believe

And Trust in You

Because there is Hope in Front of Me

That is My Story


6 thoughts on “Music Title Poetry #sol17

  1. GirlGriot

    Nice! I haven’t tried this. I think I may do a bit of dabbling myself this month … maybe in preparation for next month, when I’ll be trying to write a poem a day!


  2. elsie

    This is a lot like book spine poetry. Unfortunately I don’t have a playlist, never figured out how to do this. I guess I’m old school and listen to the radio, but use Pandora if I’m away from the car. Great job combining titles!


  3. Katie Kraushaar

    Nice job! I tried a poem today as well, and like you, I am hesitant to call myself a poet. I love prompts like these because they take away a bit of the stress that can accompany poetry!



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