My ABC writing list-#sol17

I struggled to identify a topic for today’s slice.  I didn’t think that writer’s block would strike this early in the challenge, but here it is.  I saw another slicer post an ABC list of topics, so I thought I would try this😊

A-after-school clubs at my school

B-Blue Ribbon School nomination, bookstore trips

C- Chase Elliott, my new favorite race car driver, cheesecake

D-dogs (I would love to get a dog and I’m so envious of two friends who just added puppies to their families!)

E-eating out

F-forever friends, family get-togethers 

G-Green Valley Book Fair

H-home-cooked meals

I-ice (specifically Chick-fil-A ice)

J-joy (professional joy and personal joy)

K-Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

L-license plates (I’m fascinated by the messages on vanity plates)

M-macaroni and cheese as a sign of my grandmother’s love


O-one little word

P-practicum student (my first time having a practicum student in my classroom)

Q-questions about the future, quiet times


S-Shenandoah Valley Reading Council

T-traveling, technology, teacher-writer

U-uplifting music

V-Virginia State Reading Association (VSRA)

W-writing about professional practices

X-XM satellite radio (I especially love the NASCAR channel) 

Y-yearbooks (our school yearbook just arrived)

Z-zest for continuing to learn after finishing my doctorate


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