Windshield wipers and drive-thru windows #sol17


I have a bad habit of stopping for fast food and sweet tea on my way to school in the mornings.  Many mornings, I stop at Burger King.  While Burger King’s breakfast options are not among my favorites, it’s on the way to school, so at least it’s convenient.

As I sat at the drive-thru window, waiting for my bacon and egg croissant and iced tea, I noticed a sign on the window directing customers to turn off their windshield wipers while waiting at the window.  I thought about this sign, one that I’ve never seen at any other drive-thru (and believe me, I am very familiar with drive-thru windows:)).  I never considered the effect of a car sitting at the drive-thru window in a rainstorm with the windshield wipers going.  I never thought about the possibility of water flinging across the windshield and into an open drive-thru window.  It would be extremely unpleasant to be sprayed with water multiple times throughout the course of a shift.  So, the next time it’s raining and  I’m sitting at a drive-thru window, hopefully I’ll remember that sign and turn off my windshield wipers as a courtesy.


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