Reflecting #sol17


Two years ago, I was preparing to embark on my first #sol challenge.  I learned about #sol15 from one of Aileen Hower’s tweets and was intrigued by the idea of blogging every day for a month.  I remember wondering if I could really blog every day for a month and if anyone would ever read any of my posts.  However, I decided that #sol15 was something that I needed to do, so I went to and created this blog, starting  a journey that changed me as a teacher-writer and empowered me in ways that I could never have anticipated.

Last year, I wasn’t able to participate as much as I wanted to because I was working on my dissertation.  I missed the challenge and consistent sense of being a part of this community of teacher-writers.  So, on the eve of the #sol17 challenge, I am ready for a month of writing that I know will be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

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