The Start of My Day #sol16


The morning started off on a sour note.  When I stopped to get breakfast this morning, the rather unfriendly person at the pick-up window shoved my bag and cup of iced tea into my window with one hand while also grabbing at my money with the other.  She squeezed the cup as she passed it through my window and since the cup was too full, the result was a lapful of iced tea.  Of course, there wasn’t a napkin in the bag, nor was there an apology as I sat there trying to mop up the tea.

Then, on the very curvy road to school, my computer bag slid across the seat.  Guess who forgot to zip the bag? My MacBook slid into the floorboard and I tried not to panic.  Thankfully, when I got to school and was able to retrieve the computer from the floor, it was fine.

Once that was settled, I grabbed my computer bag, my purse, my lunch, and my cup of tea. Now, I’d assumed that since I already was wearing what felt like a half of a cup of tea, there wasn’t a lot left to spill.  Boy, was I wrong! As I started to unlock my classroom door, I somehow lost control of the cup.  Tea puddled on the floor and in my shoes.  I managed to  make it to the sink, where I deposited the very sticky cup.  I dropped my bags and started to clean up the mess at the door.  Thankfully, I had at least a half-hour before my students arrived, so the floor had a chance to dry.  The morning had started off poorly, but that was over and I had the opportunity to restart my day on a positive note when my first students of the day entered my classroom.  Once my first group arrived, the day immediately became better as I became immersed in working with my kids.  There’s nothing better than working with striving readers all day!

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