An Early Morning Journey #sol16


This morning, after voting, I decided to stop at McDonald’s for a biscuit and sweet tea.  After my stop, I headed on to school, taking the bypass as usual.  Vigilance is necessary on  this road as it’s a popular deer crossing.  However, today, deer weren’t crossing the road, but a woman and a young boy were.   I’ve seen them crossing this road before 7:00 in the morning when I’ve done other trips to McDonald’s, and I’ve always wondered about them.  Is this a mother walking her child to school? The boy looked to be middle-school aged and they always seem to be going in the direction of the city’s middle school, so they’d have a good mile (at least) of walking left, most of which is going up an incline, if that’s their destination.  That’s also not counting the distance that they’ve already walked and it’s only 7:00 on a brisk November morning.

I thought about the woman and boy as I drove to school, snug in my car with the warm air blowing in my face and the comfort of the heated seats.  I wondered about the boy and this start to his school day.  Was he already tired from his journey? Did his feet hurt? Was he chilled with that kind of cold that once it seeps into your bones so that you never feel warm? I also wondered about the mom.  It takes a lot of determination to walk your child to (and probably from) school each day, crossing a major highway, and dealing with increasingly colder temperatures.  It would be so easy to stay at home, but she perseveres.

I don’t travel the bypass on my way home from school, but I wonder if the woman and boy will be crossing that road again this afternoon.  If they are, I hope that they have a safe, easy journey and can spend the evening together in a warm, cozy house before they have to venture out again in the morning.


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