My professional bucket list


Do you have a professional bucket list? I thought about this as I scrolled through my Twitter feed and saw references to the upcoming NerdCampMI.  I’d love to attend NerdCampMI, but just haven’t had the chance.   One day, I hope to attend NerdCampMI, but for now, I’ll use Twitter to keep up with all of the great learning opportunities.  Thankfully, lots of folks tweet about their experiences, so I’ll use Twitter to stay connected.

I started thinking about my professional bucket list and what I would add to that list.  Besides NerdCamp, what else would I like to do? So I started brainstorming a list (which is presented in no particular order).  Some parts of this list reflect conferences or other professional development opportunities that I’d like to participate in, which other components reflect other goals.

  • Attend an institute at Teachers College-again, thank goodness for Twitter! The learning opportunities provided at Teachers College always sound amazing!
  • Attend NCTE
  • Attend ILA again-once is not enough!
  • Attend AERA
  • Attend ISTE-I love integrating technology into my classroom and while I loved following this conference via Twitter, I want to sit in the sessions and soak everything in.
  • Present my dissertation research at a national conference (e.g., ILA, LRA)
  • Publish my dissertation research
  • Publish professional books and children’s books
  • Meet folks that I interact with on Twitter, through this blog and participating in #SOL15 and #SOL16-I’ve learned so much from so many people online, but I’d love to sit down and have a cup of tea and chat.


As I look at this list, I realize that even though I became a teacher in 1998, many of these opportunities involve enhancing my professional knowledge.  I can’t imagine not wanting to continue to learn and grow as a teacher and after connecting with so many amazing educators online, I know that I’m not alone. So, what’s on your professional bucket list? If you haven’t created a professional bucket list, what do you think that you would put on such a list?


3 thoughts on “My professional bucket list

  1. elsie

    That’s quite a list and all very doable. Oprah once said that to make something happen, you need to write it down. So I have faith that you will make it happen. Since I’m retired (sort of) from teaching, I don’t really have a list, but I do enjoy attending national conferences. So maybe one will be close enough where I can go again.


  2. blkdrama

    Love your list. Mine will look a bit less professional but not any less crazy challenging. But that’s the fun! Fill up the list to exploding… 🙂



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