Old Car, New Car #sol16


I finally bit the bullet and bought a new car last month.  I’ve intended to do this for months and actually wrote a blog post last year about my car needs, but just hadn’t had the opportunity to go car shopping until recently.  I was off from school on Memorial Day and since many of the dealerships that I’d checked out online had Memorial Day deals, I decided that it was finally time to buy a car.  Now I have a beautiful 2016 Chevrolet Equinox parked in my driveway.  I love all of the bells and whistles.  I love the Chevrolet app on my phone that allows me to start the car, lock the doors, and check how far I can go on my tank of gas.  I love the new car smell.  I love the shiny paint and the small number of miles on the odometer.  However, as I prepare to sell my old TrailBlazer, I’m hit with waves of nostalgia.  I had that car for thirteen years.  It ferried me back and forth to Charlottesville for my masters and doctoral classes.  It transported all of my worldly teaching belongings as I moved from my very first school to a brand new school a decade ago.  It traveled up and down the East Coast on so many road trips that resulted in memories that I’ll never forget.  So many memories are wrapped up in that vehicle and as I drove it home from the car wash last night, I felt a little teary at the thought of selling it.  But then, as I looked at the new car sitting in the driveway, I realized that I have the opportunity to make new memories with new road trips and I’ve already started looking at maps as I try to decide on the first journey!


2 thoughts on “Old Car, New Car #sol16

  1. elsie

    Love new cars! My husband said you will love this car, it just won’t be as powerful as the Trailblazer. My neighbor is on his third Equinox car. He gets it as a company car and puts about 100,000 miles on each one. Congrats on finding the car that is perfect for your needs!



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