In need of a dose of caffeine #sol16


On the way to school this morning, I decided to stop at Burger King for a biscuit and an iced tea.  I could drink iced tea by the gallon and usually have one to start my day and typically stop somewhere to get a cup (or two) that will sustain me over the course of the day.  Based on my actions this morning, I might need to have a cup of tea before I even leave my house!

I pulled into the Burger King parking lot and checked to make sure that I had cash in my purse.  I use my ATM card so much that I often don’t have cash and I really don’t like to use my credit card at fast food restaurants.  After I verified that I had enough money to cover my breakfast, I pulled forward and scanned the large menu.  I was feeling pretty indecisive this morning and I couldn’t decide between a bacon and egg croissant or a sausage biscuit.  As I made my choice, I waited patiently for the voice to come over the speaker asking me for my order.  I sat there for a few minutes, wondering if anyone was going to take my order.  I glanced in the window and saw people moving around behind the counter, but still nobody offered to take my order.  Hmm. This was unusual.  I never usually had to wait here before, especially when no one else was in the drive-thru lane.

I sat there for a couple of more minutes, still wondering what was going on.  They were open, weren’t they? It was after 6 A.M., so they were supposed to be open.  The lights were on and a couple of cars were parked in the lot.  I looked around again. but this time, instead of seeing the speaker box, I realized that I had been sitting next to the trash can the whole time. It’s no wonder nobody asked me for my order! With my face flushed red, I eased up to the speaker box and was immediately greeted by a cheery voice asking me for my order.  After I placed my order, I pulled around to the window and I know my face was beet red.  I handed the cashier my money and then took my cup of tea and the bag with my biscuit and quickly drove off.  I have a feeling that it will be awhile before I visit Burger King again!



4 thoughts on “In need of a dose of caffeine #sol16

  1. elsie

    Whoops! Darn those trash cans that look like speakers! Thanks for the chuckle today. They probably were thinking you couldn’t decide or you were on the phone and waiting to finish your call before getting to the speaker.


  2. mathcoachslicer

    My kids think I’m am crazy because I am laughing so hard. Reminds of the time I woke up in a panic, forgot I moved the furniture and ran into the wall. That was quit the wake up call. Thanks for the laughs. Don’t worry, those employees probably wont be there nest time you go.



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