10 Things I Experienced At VSRA-#sol16

10 things that I experienced at VSRA 2016

1.  I attended the annual banquet where Jacqueline Woodson mesmerized us all as she read/recited from several of her books.  She is a captivating speaker and I am so glad that I didn’t miss this opportunity!

2. I loved connecting with my colleagues.  It was great to share ideas and information from sessions at the meal functions and was such a great way to experience sessions that I didn’t have a chance to attend.

3. Lester Laminack and Ruth Culham inspired me to always think about the instructional choices that I make when teaching writing.

4.  I loved meeting Twitter friends in person.  It was wonderful to make these connections!

5.  I participated in a planning meeting for next year’s conference.  There are some fabulous speakers and activities in the works for 2017!

6.  Nell Duke’s keynote was another highlight of the conference.  Every time I hear Nell Duke speak, I’m struck by her ability to balance research and practice.

7.  So many amazing kidlit authors (already mentioned Jacqueline Woodson) participated in this conference. Kwame Alexander, Kadir Nelson, Audrey Penn, and Jacqueline Davies provided even more inspiration.

8. Terry Thompson’s session really made me think about scaffolding and encouraged me to look at my scaffolding practices with a critical eye.  I can’t wait to read Terry Thompson’s book!

9. The exhibit hall can be challenging to navigate.  Sometimes, I wonder if I am invisible or if I just look like I don’t have any purchasing power.  I was very interested in some books, but was completely ignored by the person at the booth.

10. Upon returning home, I needed a nap!


3 thoughts on “10 Things I Experienced At VSRA-#sol16

  1. Shari Daniels

    I must say, I am jealous to the core! How lucky are you to see these amazing people?! I’m sure you head is spinning! I’d love a few slices on some specific take aways from your conference. Please???? 🙂



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