A new endeavor #sol16


Last night, three members from the VSRA board of directors stopped by my hotel room to let me know that I’d earned a spot on the board of directors. I typically do not run for elections, and almost did not run for this position. In fact, I did not submit my paperwork until the day when it was due and probably would not have done so without the encouragement of the current president.  I really didn’t think that I would be elected to this position, so I tried not to get my hopes up.  Actually, when Tiffany, the VSRA President, called me last night and asked to stop by, I anticipated that the news would be quite different.

I’m excited about becoming more involved in VSRA.  The connections that I have made through my local reading council, the Shenandoah Valley Reading Council, and VSRA have enriched me professionally and personally.  I’ve met educators from all across Virginia and have had opportunities to learn from them and to grow as a teacher.  Working with the board of directors will increase those opportunities and the possibilities for growth are endless!


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