Drafts #sol16

  I decided to sift through the drafts housed on my blog site and found bits and pieces of ideas, partially-written posts, and a few completed pieces that I didn’t feel ready to share.  In hindsight, some of these pieces make me cringe and I wonder what I was thinking when I was writing them.  I’m perplexed by a couple of pieces as I can’t figure out quite where I planned to go with the particular topic.  However, I did find some pleasant surprises lurking in the drafts folder and it’s those pieces that I feel the need to revisit as there feels like there’s actually something there to work with.  Those pieces are hopefully going to show up here in the coming days and weeks during #sol16.  I’m curious to see where my writing takes me in the next month!


2 thoughts on “Drafts #sol16

  1. elsie

    Don’t you love it when you discover some bit of writing that’s been waiting patiently for you to publish? Lucky you to have a few of those lurking in the drafts file! Here’s to another month of reading and writing!

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