Writer’s Flood #sol15


I promised myself that I wasn’t going to wait until late on Tuesday night to post for #sol15.  I would protect my writing time and not find other things to do instead of writing.  I told myself that I would prioritize my writing life this week, instead of letting it be relegated to the bottom of my to-do list yet again, much like my well-intentioned plans to exercise more. I vowed that I wouldn’t neglect my writing life, but here it is, 9:53 PM and I am just now getting around to blogging.

When I reflected on why I haven’t completed a blog post yet, I concluded that it wasn’t writers block that hampered my efforts this week.  Instead, I had a writer’s flood with too many things to write about and I simply couldn’t decide which idea to choose.  My list of writing ideas blossomed over the past few days, and while that’s a great problem to have, my brain seemed to dart from topic to topic instead of settling down.  I started with one idea only to be distracted by another.  I did some initial brainstorming about my fifth grade group and how they have become dedicated word hunters, showing an enthusiasm for words that has energized our lessons.  Then, I had an experience with a second grader regarding book choices that reminded me yet again of the importance of not limiting  the books that our kids can choose to read.  This particular draft actually progressed further than any of the others, but isn’t quite ready for sharing yet.

I also started a piece based on a recent dinner conversation with my grandmother.  After talking about my day at school, she began to reminisce about her own schooldays.  She talked about crowding around the oil lamp with her brothers as they tried to do their assignments at night and how hard it was to see the pages of her books.  She described a world of education that is so different from what we experience now.  I want to share and honor those memories, but like the other posts, I need to make a little more progress before posting.

As I review what I’ve written, I realize that while it darts all over the place, there are some promising  works-in-progress in my “queue” that can keep me busy for the next few weeks.  It feels good to have a couple of different projects to work on and I can’t wait to see how they develop!

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