My one sentence #sol15


Today’s slice of life post was inspired by Michelle Haseltine’s post at  Michelle posed the question “What’s your sentence?” and shared how she used this question when writing with her students.  Seeing the examples that Michelle and her students generated encouraged me to consider this question as well.  Like Michelle and her students, I drafted some ideas about my sentence.  After scribbling and then crossing out five or six ideas, the following sentence appeared on my page.

Shyness did not defeat her, no matter how hard it tried.

At first, I questioned sharing the sentence.  My sentence seemed so personal, and even kind of embarrassing to admit.  But then I thought about the times when I didn’t let being shy prevent me from accomplishing my dreams and goals and realized that I needed to acknowledge and celebrate this sentence because it represented overcoming an obstacle that could have prevented my from achieving so many things.  Had I given in to being shy, so many things from being a teacher, to pursuing graduate school, and even presenting at workshops and conferences would never have happened.  Shyness could have completely derailed my life, but it didn’t and I recognized that’s what the whole concept of this activity is all about.  So I am going to embrace and share my sentence.

1 thought on “My one sentence #sol15

  1. elsie

    Just by sharing, you have nudged that shyness aside. There is always a story to a sentence, It is up to the reader to connect the dots that the words have laid out. Way to go!



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