A Busy Day #sol15


Today has been a busy, but wonderful day.  First, I had another amazing day with my students.  We’ve been in school for four weeks, and each day feels like an incredible gift.  I have such a fantastic group of kids to work with and I look forward to watching them grow as readers and writers this year!

After school, I headed up the interstate for my local reading council’s Pizza and Pinterest event.  The co-presidents elect planned a great event filled with make-and-take activities that we can take back to our classrooms and use tomorrow.  Dana and Sherry put a lot of thought and effort into this event and everyone seemed to have a great time.  The energy in the room was palpable as educators representing a variety of schools, grades, and teaching assignments collaborated and discussed how and when to use the different activities that were set up in stations.  In addition, it was wonderful to see so many pre-service teachers from the area colleges and universities participate.  I could feel my energy level rising as I circulated around the room.  This is why I love being involved in my local and state reading councils.  Being a part of SVRC and VSRA nourishes me both professionally and personally.  I’ve met so many people who have inspired and encouraged me and I can’t imagine not having the connections that SVRC and VSRA have created and fostered!

So, even though this has been a busy day, I am feeling energized and I look forward to tomorrow!


The materials are ready!



Everyone is busy creating their activities!


3 thoughts on “A Busy Day #sol15

  1. onathought

    What a fun event! We used to have things like that in the summer… A whole week called “Make and Take.” It was actually college credit! HA! It was a lot of fun though… and this post brought back the memories!


  2. Jessica B.

    That looks and sounds like such a fun time, also very beneficial! There’s nothing better than being able to go back the next day and try out something brand new 🙂 Enjoy tomorrow!



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