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Today’s post was inspired by Susanne (Make.Share.Give) and was originally posted at the Two Writing Teachers site ( during the #sol15 challenge.  I’ve been in a bit of a writing rut lately and composed a similar post on March 20th.  I thought that I could also compare the days!

I sat down at the desk in my home office, ready to compose a post for #sol15.

Before that, I dragged in my school bag and purse, both of which seem to get heavier each day.

Before that, I pulled into the driveway.

Before that, I drove home from my grandparents’ house.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to dodge any deer and the roads were pretty quiet.  It was a peaceful drive home.

Before that, I spent time with my family.  We ate ice cream sundaes, watched t.v., and just enjoyed being together.  I cherish times like this.

Before that, we had dinner.  I shared about my last workday at school and getting ready for the first day of school:) A brief storm struck during dinner.

Before that, I drove to my grandparents’ house.  The skies were looking pretty ominous when I walked out of school and a quick check of the weather channel app verified that a storm was coming.

Before that, I packed my school bag and checked to make sure that I had my laptop.  I’m terrible about leaving things at school.  I often have to turn around and go back to school to get something that I have forgotten.

Before that, we had a brief meeting to review information for tomorrow.  I can’t believe that I’m starting my tenth year at this school and as I looked around at my school family, I was reminded that I am blessed to work with this incredible group of individuals!

Before that, I checked and updated my classroom Twitter account and created a classroom Instagram account.  I also checked over my classroom website and made notes of things that I need to change/add/delete.

Before that, I finished some paperwork.  I sent several documents to the workroom copier and trekked down the hall to retrieve the papers.  With as many trips as I have made up and down the hall today, I don’t feel too guilty about the bacon cheeseburger and fries that I had for lunch:)

Before that, I worked on updating our Title 1 School Plan, letters going home to parents about the program, as well as social media permission forms.  I e-mailed copies to my principal and the Federal Programs Coordinator.  I finished putting together the packets that will go home with my students tomorrow.  Checking all of those things off my to-do list was wonderful!

Before that, I went to lunch at Wendy’s with a group of teachers.  We piled into several cars for the short trip into town.  G’s son M accompanied us as he had been hanging out with his Mom and helping her in her classroom.  He kept us in stitches during both the ride and lunch! I enjoyed the time with my colleagues.  They are a wonderful group of people!

Before that, I made what felt like my hundredth trip down the hall to the workroom to retrieve papers from the Xerox machine.  Thankfully, the machine was working and everything was printed and waiting for me, something that doesn’t always happen!

Before that, I continued to work on paperwork.  I started my Title 1 Teacher file for the year and prepared individual student files.

Before that, I copied permission forms for Title 1 and started working on the packets that will go home with my students.

Before that, I arrived at school.  I fought the urge to swing by Hardee’s for a biscuit and got to school early.  I started mapping out what I wanted to accomplish for the day.  Paperwork was going to be the dominant theme of the day, according to my to-do list.

Before that, I dragged my school bag and purse out to my car.  I heaved them into the front passenger seat, wondering for the millionth time if I’d inadvertently thrown in a couple of cement blocks in addition to my laptop, books, and cords.  I reminded myself that I really need to weed through the stuff in both bags to make sure that everything really is necessary.

Before that, I woke up and got ready for the day.  I appreciated being able to wear jeans and tennis shoes for one more day:)

3 thoughts on “Currently #sol15

  1. LSquared

    I enjoyed your predictive letter to yourself about your summer. This prompt, “Before that I….” and “Before that…” gets the whole day down, with your voice clear and continuous. Thank you for the writing book recommend, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. elsie

    Some days a story begs to be written, then other days you have to slowly weave the pieces together to find your story. Revisiting the day shows how much was accomplished. Have a great first day!



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