Subliminal Thinking? #sol15


Have you ever ended up somewhere unexpected and wondered how that happened? I’ve done that on occasion.  One time, instead of turning to take the road to school, I ended up halfway up the bypass and realized my mistake only when I started to take the ramp into town.  Another time, I planned to go to the bank, but instead zoomed right on by.

Yesterday afternoon, I was out running errands and needed to run by CVS.  I’d already stopped by the bank and been to the grocery store.  I had accomplished a lot, but still had a lot to do and the afternoon was slipping away.

The CVS in my town is located on the street where most of our fast food restaurants and a couple of gas stations are located.  CVS sits beside Arby’s and the two places are connected by a short “road”.  When you turn onto this road, you can go right to Arby’s or left to CVS.  Normally, this is not a problem because I don’t go to Arby’s all that often.  However, yesterday, I had turned right and was almost at the drive-thru speaker when I realized my mistake.  I pulled out of the line and headed over to the correct drive-thru:)

Sitting in line, waiting for my turn, I had to laugh at myself.  I wondered if my brain was trying to give me a subliminal message that maybe I needed (or wanted) a roast beef sandwich and some mozzarella sticks.  Maybe I should have paid attention to that subliminal message and stayed in the Arby’s line.  A roast beef sandwich and mozzarella sticks would have hit the spot!


2 thoughts on “Subliminal Thinking? #sol15

  1. Carol

    This makes me laugh! I am forever getting lost, or ending up somewhere I didn’t plan to be! Not usually a fast food line though (although I do love fast food!)



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