Where Do I Write? #sol15


Recently, I have been following #iwritehere on Twitter and I have enjoyed reading about and seeing pictures of all of the different places where people write.  I haven’t posted anything with this hashtag yet, but I have been thinking about where I write and how that shapes what I am writing.

I have a home office, and I write there sometimes, but not always.  Right now, I am sitting at my desk and an old episode of Grey’s Anatomy is playing as I write this.  My home office is a nice space with a desk and comfortable chair and shelves of books-some professional, some for fun.  My desk used to be in front of the window and sometimes I’d get distracted by passing cars.  Now, my desk is against a wall, but I can still turn and look out of the window whenever I want.

Sometimes, I write at the kitchen table.  I think that I got into that habit when the television in my office wasn’t working.  In the kitchen, I can watch the television that’s in the living room while also having easy access to snacks and drinks.  During the past semester, I did most of my classwork at the kitchen table, in addition to writing many of my slices there, too.  Often, the table would be covered with lesson plans, statistics notes, and my blank books.  A table where four could dine comfortably quickly became a table for one messy, but often productive, writer.

Occasionally, I sit in the recliner in the den and write, but I’ve found that I work better when I have my   blank books, notebooks, or computer on a stable surface.  If I’m writing in the den, more times than not, I’ll end up stretched out in the floor instead.  However, the den is not the place where I can usually be found writing.  I never really thought about this until I started considering all of the places where I write.

If I’m sitting in line at a fast food restaurant or at the local pharmacy, I’ll sometimes capture my ideas on my iPhone.  Having the WordPress and Pages apps on my phone make writing this way pretty easy.  Instead of getting frustrated by what can be long wait times, I use the opportunity to write.  Sometimes, I only get a few words written, but at least I’ve recorded something that I can always revisit.

My table at school is also one of my favorite writing spots.  The horseshoe-shaped table allows me to spread out my things and the end of the day is the perfect time for me to write and my chair is pretty comfortable, too.  When I need to get writing done without procrastination, school is the place I go because I’m not easily distracted there.  The television in my room doesn’t have a cable connection and unless I happen to have a DVD in my bag, I won’t spend time watching television.  Instead, all of my attention can just be focused on writing.

When I reflected on the different places where I write, I felt that I understood a little bit more about my process as a writer.  I realized that certain settings promote writing more than other places.  The choices that I make when choosing where to write are important and shape me as a writer.  The places where I choose to write impacts what I create and as a result, I should consider my setting when trying to determine exactly what I want to accomplish as a writer on a given day.  Some places support me more as a writer than other places and when writing gets hard, as if often does, I probably need to retreat to those places where I am the most comfortable.


3 thoughts on “Where Do I Write? #sol15

  1. Chris

    Your slice makes me consider the places I like to write, too. I’m usually at the dining room table because our great room has so many windows. My office and classroom are windowless, and I find that I get stuck without a little bit of distraction.



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