“Watch out for the little deer” #sol15


Every night when I leave my grandparents’ house, I tell them good night and that I love them.  When my grandfather responds, he also tacks on “and watch out for the little deer.”  I can’t remember exactly when he started telling me that, but it’s become a part of our routine.  Very rarely has he not included this as a part of our nightly ritual and while driving home this evening, I thought about how much those simple words mean to me.  Last summer, we almost lost my grandfather and he continues to battle serious illnesses so I look upon every day with him as a gift not to be taken for granted.  Hearing his words means that we’ve been blessed with another day together.


One thought on ““Watch out for the little deer” #sol15

  1. Kathleen

    Grandparents are such gifts. Your post reminded me of how my grandparents used to stand on the porch, waving, as our car drove away. They would stand waving until we were down the road. Wishing your grandfather well.



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