Celebrating Writer’s Block (Really!)


I never thought that I would say this, but I am celebrating writer’s block this week.  For some reason, blogging has been a challenge during the past week.  I started close to a dozen different posts, but after writing the first sentence or two, the ideas withered.  After a bit of a struggle, I finally wrote a post for Slice of Life Tuesday at twowritingteachers.wordpress.com, which was a poem about writing.  Poetry has always seemed a little intimidating to me.  As a result, I’ve written very little poetry and I probably would not have written a poem this week had it not been for this attack of writer’s block.  For some reason, I felt compelled to draft a poem that reflected my struggle with writer’s block, so writer’s block forced me to expand my writing horizons and for that I’m thankful.

Then, later in the week, when I tried to write a post for #celebratelu, I was again confronted by my nemesis.  Once more, I started a bunch of different posts, only to realize that none of them were working for me and I was pretty frustrated.  So, I took a break from writing the blog post and returned to the rough draft an article.  Surprisingly, I made a good bit of progress on that project and I attribute that progress to the writer’s block I faced when attempting to blog.  Had I not experienced writer’s block when blogging, then I probably would not have spent that time working on the article.  

So, as I reflect on my writing week, I celebrate defeating writer’s block. Writer’s block is a painful part of the process, but conquering it feels so amazing!


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