Blue Lights-#sol15



I glanced up in the rearview mirror and saw the flash of blue lights.  My heart seemed to stop.  What had I done? I wasn’t speeding-I had just accelerated after sitting at a stop light.  I’d used my turn signal when changing lanes.  I was pretty sure that my tail lights were working.  So why were those lights flashing behind me?

I looked for a place to turn off.  McDonald’s was just ahead.  I used my turn signal again and started to turn into the parking lot, trying to mentally prepare myself.  But, just as I turned into the parking lot, the police car accelerated and sped on past me.

I pulled into a parking space and put the car into park.  The police car had disappeared, but my heart was still hammering and my palms were sweaty on the steering wheel.  I took a couple of deep breaths and finally felt my heart slow down.  Ignoring the urge to swing through the McDonald’s drive thru for a sweet tea and a chocolate chip cookie, I slowly backed up and pulled out of the parking lot, ready to go home.


8 thoughts on “Blue Lights-#sol15

  1. elsie

    I know that feeling you describe. Why do we have that fear and jump to the conclusion that we were in the wrong? Great job building up to the climax!


  2. rosecappelli

    I like how you described how you felt after the police car went by. You didn’t just build us up and then stop. I think I would have had to have a Big Mac!!



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