Celebrating technology

I’m participating in the celebrate link-up hosted by Ruth Ayres at ruthayreswrites.com.  Thank you, Ruth, for providing the opportunity to share my celebration and inspiring me.  Thank you to all of the writers who share their celebrations.  You all are my inspirations!

I love to integrate technology and literacy instruction.  I’m always looking for tools that can expand my students’ learning opportunities.  This week I’m celebrating how learning can be enhanced through the use of technology.

This week, I tried out a new app called FaceTalk.  The user takes or uploads a picture.  Then, after recording the message, the app allows the mouth of the picture to move in sync with the recording so that it looks like the picture is talking.  When I learned about this app, I quickly realized that I could incorporate it into my fluency activities and started creating lessons.

I had so much fun using this app with my students this week! We laughed as we selected pictures (we used animals that ranged from sheep to turtles) and the kids loved being able to choose their animals.  They worked so hard as they practiced re-reading texts fluently.  The smiles on their faces when they finished were priceless.

So, this week, I want to celebrate the way that this new tool motivated and engaged my students.  I celebrate their hard work.  I celebrate the laughter and smiles that brightened my week.


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