Discover. Play. Build.

As I reflect on my week, there are many wonderful things to celebrate.

Graphic novels continue to be popular with my fifth graders.  They love the Lunch Lady series, Babymouse, and Comics Squad.  I love seeing how engaged they are!

I’m really excited about two writing projects that I’m juggling.  One project focuses on a strategy that I’m using with one of my first graders, while the other represents an attempt at writing fiction.  I’m curious to see how these projects develop.

I’m almost finished with a grant proposal, that if funded, will provide my students with books throughout the summer.  I’ve been making lists of specific books that I want to order for each child.  I love thinking about each child’s interests and choosing books that I think they’ll enjoy.

This week marked the first with extended school days (to make up the time we lost with snow days).  The revisions to my original schedule have worked out well and everything has gone so smoothly.

Today, I had a girls day out with my Mom.  Since she takes care of my grandfather, we don’t have the opportunity to do this often, so it was especially nice to spend that time with her.  We did a little shopping and had lunch together and had a wonderful day together.

I can’t wait to see what this next week brings!


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