Trying Six Word Memoirs #sol15


After reading the post at I had to try creating some of my own six-word memoirs.  Thank you, Tania Marie, for inspiring today’s slice!

Filled with books learning happens here.

Slicing growing challenging accomplishing sharing encouraging.

Books: my friends always close by.

My family: the center of everything.

Breakfast for dinner: Always a treat.

Blogging, Tweeting: Learning with Social Media.

Graphic novels: Motivating students to read.

Chocolate chip cookies: just too tempting!

I love how I learn something new each day from the slicers in this community.  Thank you all for enriching my writing life!


4 thoughts on “Trying Six Word Memoirs #sol15

  1. litcoachdanak

    I really love the idea of the six word memoir! Thank you for sharing these! I agree with you…I am so inspired by so many slicers too! I especially like the one about books and the chocolate chip cookie one!! Must try this!



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