Writer’s block-#sol15


I have struggled all day with what to write about.  I sat down before lunch and tried out a few ideas, but nothing gelled.  I took a break and curled up in my favorite spot to read for a while.  I thought that would clear my head.  I tried writing before supper, but again had no luck, so I put the pen and paper down.  I busied myself with other tasks, but in the back of my mind, knowing that I hadn’t yet sliced bothered me because the day felt incomplete.  Slicing has become an important part of my life and until I’ve completed a slice, I feel as though something’s missing from my day, even when it’s something like this post that rambles and really doesn’t say a lot of anything.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day and hopefully my writer’s block will disappear.


7 thoughts on “Writer’s block-#sol15

  1. Katy Collins

    I am in the same dry spell, friend. Spring Break did NOTHING for my inspiration! I’m hoping getting back to school tomorrow will get me back in the groove. Best of luck to you, and glad you were able to “slice through” the writer’s block! Way to go! 🙂



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