Today’s post was inspired by Susanne (Make.Share.Give) and was posted at the Two Writing Teachers site (  I felt that my writing yesterday was kind of blah and needed some inspiration:)

I settled down in my recliner to catch the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  Last week ended with a cliffhanger and I was curious to see if/how that situation was resolved.  I’ve been watching this show for years.  I’m so glad that it comes on at 8:00 now instead of 9:00.

Before that, I stopped at the mailbox.  I dropped one of the envelopes on the ground, so I had get out of the car and pick it up off of the damp ground.

Before that, I drove home from my grandparents’ house.  It was raining and a little dreary!

Before that, I watched the news with my family.  I was excited to see the coverage on the Virginia Cavaliers basketball team as they prepare for the NCAA tournament. However, I was saddened to see the coverage of a house fire that took the lives of two precious little girls.  I cannot imagine what the family and friends of those children are going through right now.

Before that, I had dinner with my grandparents and my Mom.  This is one of my favorite times of the day and I appreciate every chance that I have to spend with them.

Before that, I stayed after school to get some work done.  I also posted for #sol15, but I think that the post just rambled.

Before that, I went to the cafetorium to watch the DI team demonstrate their skit for Saturday’s challenge.  The team did a super job and their coach has worked hard with them to get ready for the competition.  As I watched these kids, I thought about how it seemed like it was just yesterday that they were kindergarteners!

Before that, I worked with my afternoon groups.  My fifth graders were making reading plans and calling dibs on a couple of new books that I just added to our classroom library.

Before that, I grabbed a snack.  I realized that I need to stock up on snacks for school because my snack cabinet is a little sparse!

Before that, I had an IEP meeting.  We’ve had IEP meetings on several days this week and I feel so good about the plans that we’ve constructed as a team this week (and every time we develop IEPs).  Everyone (the principal, teachers, and parents) work together to create plans that work for students and support their success and it’s such a positive experience at my school.

Before that, I worked with my first five groups of the day.  These groups ranged from Kindergarten to fifth grade.

Before that, I prepared my materials for the day.  I love getting to school early and using that time to make sure that I’m ready for the day.

Before that, I drove to school.  I listened to NPR and caught up on the news.

Before that, I loaded up my computer, tote bags, and purse.  I dragged all of my stuff out to the car.  As I shoved everything into my car, I told myself again that I really need to clean out my car.

Before that, I sat at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of Cheerios and trying to read a new library book.  However, I just could not get engaged in the book.  I tried to write about that in yesterday’s post.

Before that, I woke up before the alarm went off, took off my CPAP, and greeted another wonderful day!


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