Seriously Siri? #sol15


I love my iPhone.  I love how I can use my iPhone for so many things.  For example, I can track the number of steps that I take each day.  I can tweet and blog and check the weather.  I can make notes and set reminders of things that I need to do.  I can download documents and read articles for class on my iPhone.  In addition, I love being able to use my iPhone as my alarm clock.

Every night, I ask Siri to set my alarm clock.  I do this because too often my fingers hit PM instead of AM.  When that has happened, my alarm hasn’t gone off and I’ve overslept, which creates so many problems! When Siri does it, I know that the alarm is set for 5:30 a.m. and not 5:30 p.m.

However, when I recently set my phone, Siri provided the following response, which caught me off guard.  Apparently Siri doesn’t want her sleep disturbed by my morning routine!



11 thoughts on “Seriously Siri? #sol15

  1. drew

    Haha that’s great!
    Siri doesn’t get a lot of attention from me, I guess I’m old school with my smartphone, doing everything manually hehehe


  2. Brenna

    This is so funny! I have never used Siri to help me set an alarm, but I have experienced the terror of AM/PM confusion so maybe this would help! Thanks for the laugh!


  3. glenda funk

    Very funny, but worrisome in a Hal, the computer from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” sort of way. When does the human become the machine and the machine become the human?



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