The Beauty of a Blank Book-#SOL15

I love blank books.  I love the idea of filling up all of the pages with my thoughts and ideas.  I also love being able to return to these books and catch a glimpse of my past. Currently, I’m filling up one of the blank books that my Mom gave me for Christmas.  It’s small enough to fit in my purse, but large enough to be comfortable when writing.  I’ve already jotted down ideas for stories, a potential article or two, ideas for upcoming presentations, titles of books that I’ve either read or that I want to read, and a bunch of seemingly random thoughts.  Who knows, maybe one of those random thoughts will turn into something more! My blank books represent opportunity-the opportunity for me to be a writer.  As I sit here with a half-filled blank book and my favorite pen, I am free to record anything and everything without fear.  My blank book is just for me.



8 thoughts on “The Beauty of a Blank Book-#SOL15

  1. Amanda Regan

    Blank books hold their own kind of promise, don’t they? You are smart to carry it around with you so you can capture those moments and thoughts that slip away all to easily. Happy writing!


  2. Leigh Anne

    Just this week I had two teachers teasing me because I have a blank bulletin board. I typed out a quote – A blank bullion board is like a blank piece of paper, they are full of possibilities! just like your blank books. Looking forward to connecting with you this month.


  3. elsie

    Perhaps some of those random thoughts will wind up a a post. That’s the beauty of beginning with a blank book, page, screen. You get to choose how to fill it. Welcome to this world.


  4. blkdrama

    I remember those blank books, in fact, I had a few around but they are gathering dust. For me, all my writing is digital. I remember though 🙂 Hope you move some of those ideas here.



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