Let’s Celebrate Mondays!

I stumbled across #CelebrateMonday on Twitter recently.  This hashtag has been promoted by Sean Gaillard (@smgaillard) and is based on an idea from Todd Whitaker’s (@toddwhitaker) book School Culture Rewired and is such a great concept because Mondays are often the most unwanted and unappreciated day of the week.  Instead of investing a lot of time and energy into dreading Mondays, we should embrace the beginning of a new week that’s open to all kinds of possibilities for our students.  By celebrating Mondays, we can view that day in a different, better way—no longer as something to dread, but something to anticipate and enjoy. In order to celebrate Mondays, we need to take time to look around our classrooms and schools and consider all of the good things that Mondays can bring.  While following this hashtag on Twitter, I’ve read tweets that celebrate students’ fluency when reading a play, read-alouds used with students, notes from students, seeing students persevere when tasks are challenging, engaging professional development, and stimulating class discussions.  We aren’t limited in what we choose to celebrate, so the possibilities are endless! Let’s make a conscious choice to get each week off to the best start!


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